Donald Baillargeon is a broadcast industry veteran of more than 30 years, running corporate radio stations and having personally owned and operated KCHT-FM in California. He was the co-founder of one of the largest Advertising Agencies in central California.

Don is the Founder, Executive Producer and Anchor of MoneyTV, an internationally-syndicated weekly business television program reaching 150 million TV households globally. MoneyTV debuted in 1996, recently began its 19th year on television and produced and aired its 850th original episode in 2014.

CrowdFund Television was launched successfully in 2014. With co-host Kevin Harrington from "Shark Tank", Don explores the world of the entrepreneur, new ideas and exciting start-up businesses.

Successfully launched in March 2009, Health This Week is an exciting show exploring the new ways and techniques people, science and technology are employing to live better, healthier and longer lives. Health This Week is seen throughout the USA, Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2007, Don Baillargeon launched MoneyRap Radio.

MoneyRap Radio is a little on the edge. MoneyRap Radio is all about Money...your money...what makes it happen and in some cases, what makes it disappear! So many things impact our money, some of which we have little or no control over. Don hosts the show each week.

MoneyRap Radio has assembled an array of experts in a variety of financial and commodity sectors who comment...and sometimes vent...about the various financial news and the impact it will have on us. MoneyRap Radio is heard nationally Sunday evenings on the Business Talk Radio Network.

In 2009, Don debuted the Global Financial News Minute, a daily :90 vignette which discusses the newest metrics for valuing publicly-traded companies.

Using company financial filings, terms like EBITDA, CFFO, Trailing 12-Month revenue and OPS are applied to companies, large and small, to give investors a better feel for the true financial health of these issuers.

Global Financial News Minute is currently broadcast in the USA and Europe in more than 125 million TV households.

In addition to serving as Executive Producer and Anchor of the television and radio shows produced by Don's production company, the name Donald Baillargeon has also been in demand as a national television host for a variety of subjects and productions.

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MoneyTV is hosted by Executive Producer Donald Baillargeon. Donald

Baillargeon is a thirty year media and entertainment veteran. Donald

Baillargeon operated radio stations throught the central and western

United States. Donald Baillargeon led a group which contructed and

signed on an FM radio station in Central California. Donald

Baillargeon owned and operated one of the largest advertising

agencies in Central California in the 80s and 90s. Donald Baillargeon

founded MoneyTV in 1996 and it is one of the longest running business

television programs in the world.